Food: Algeria to present system at FAO Summit in September

APS : Thursday, 01 July 2021

ALGIERS- Algeria will present the special features of its food security system as well its experience in this field in the next Food Systems Summit of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO),
to be held in September in New York, sources said on Thursday in Algiers, in a dialogue workshop devoted to the preparations of this event.

Chaired by the secretary general of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Salah Chouaki, this first workshop is devoted to the national consultation on the food system in Algeria with the participation of several specialists, of coordinator of the United Nations system in Algeria, director general of multilateral relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as several players and partners of the agricultural sector.

In his address, Chouaki underlined that the results of the different consultations of this workshop on the food systems will constitute “the foundation stone for the formulation of a national inclusive and consensual roadmap targeting the lasting improvement of the food systems to back 2030 agenda.”

As regards the summit that will be held in New York, he underlined that it will be “a space of exchange and apprenticeship , in order to encourage new measures and new partnerships as well as to strengthen the already existing mechanisms.”

Calling on all the food systems’ stakeholders to commit to a successful national dialogue through relevant proposals, Chouaki shed light on the workshop’s objectives, which, according to him “consists in creating a space for consultations and information for all the stakeholders nationwide in view of the United Nations Summit on lasting food systems.”

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