First merchant vessel docks in port of Nouakchott

APS :Thursday, 22 April 2021

NOUAKCHOTT (Algeria)- A merchant ship from Algeria docked Tuesday in the port of Nouakchott, inaugurating the regular marine connection between Algeria and Mauritania, which also serves all West African countries.
The docking ceremony was attended by representatives of Mauritania’s ministry of Trade and Tourism and ministry of Equipment and Transport, the director general of the Port of Nouakchott, the representative of the Mauritanian Customs and the representative of the Algerian Embassy in Nouakchott, with high media profile, including foreign correspondents.
Mauritanian officials welcomed the opening of the trade line, which is expected to “consolidate Algerian-Mauritanian relations, through the promotion of trade and economic exchanges between the two brother countries.”
The crossing of the ship “Imedghassen,” belonging to Global Maritime Algeria (GMA), was made in a record time of five days and in the best conditions of conservation and storage of goods.
The shipping line, in addition to the land route via Mustapha Benboulaid border crossing, is likely to boost trade between Algeria and West African countries and open wide prospects for Algerian exporters in terms of access to African markets, in line with Algeria’s relevant strategy.

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