EuroMed 2017: Algeria to set out its vision of Mediterranean mutually beneficial partnership in Madrid

MADRID (Spain)- Algerian vision of a mutually beneficial partnership among the Mediterranean countries will be presented Wednesday by the deputy chairman of the National Economic and Social Council,
Mustapha Mekideche, at the Euro-Mediterranean Summit of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions to run until Thursday in Madrid.
Mekideche, who is leading the Algerian delegation to the summit, said Algeria will be part of a panel on economic, social and cultural rights.
Algeria, he added, has its own vision and it wants to share about a partnership mutually beneficial to the nations of both shores of the Mediterranean.
The Algerian economic and social institution is taking part in the annual meeting that will discuss the major development and social issues and how to establish a mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean.
This year, the summit’s major theme is the contribution of civil societies to the construction of a balanced partnership between the two shores of the Mediterranean, and especially the aspects relating to the economic, social and cultural rights.
Representatives of Algerian associations are also taking part in the event, the official said.

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