Environment: Zerouati welcomes effectiveness of Algerian-Belgian cooperation

ALGIERS- The Algerian-Belgian cooperation to strengthen capacities in environment (PRCDE) has had a real effect on “the integration of the environmental issues into the implementation of the sectoral policies and involvement
of civil society in these policies, said Thursday Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies Fatma Zohra Zerouati.
The project, launched in March 2016 and run by six ministerial departments, in partnership with the Belgian Development Agency (ENABEL), allowed strengthening the transversality of the environmental issue through activities that concerned three sectors, namely Water Resources, Health and Transport, said the minister in the project’s wrap up seminar.
The project also enabled the elaboration of a national report on the state and future of environment (RNE 2018), and it notably further integrated environmental issues into the actions of associations.
In the sector of Health, the project allowed supporting the elaboration of a national health-environment joint action plan as part of the implementation of the Libreville Declaration, conducting a study for the management of liquid effluents of health facilities and elaborating a national food safety plan, said Zerouati.
It also supported the setting up of the environmental unit at Algiers’ Pasteur Institute and the national Institute of Health Public for the implementation of a monitoring network of pollens.
Concerning the sector of water resources, the project allowed updating the national water plan carried out by the Agency for Integrated Water Resources Management (AGIRE) and ensuring the pedagogical and technical support.

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