Energy, digital industry on agenda of African Investment Forum of Algiers

APS : Sunday, 16 October 2016
ALGIERS-Energy, food security and digital industry are the main theme of the African Investment Forum of Algiers that will take place on 3-5 December in Algiers.
Representatives of the Business Leaders Forum (FCE) highlighted that energy, food security and digital industry are the main theme of the African Investment Forum of Algiers, in a meeting with delegations of diplomatic missions accredited in Algiers held part of the 3rd edition of “Marhaba” program initiated by the Foreign Affairs Ministry devoted to newly appointed foreign diplomats.
The Business Leaders Forum highlighted growth opportunities African economies can benefit from through the promotion of direct inter-African investments.
Vice-president of the Economic committee of this employers’ organization Brahim Benabdeslem underscored “the African nature” of Algeria, affirming that development of the country cannot be achieved without strengthening economic relations with other African countries.
According to him, Africa must be seen as a development potential, not only as market.
This vision will be emphasized at the African Investment Forum of Algiers.
For him, it is legitimate for Algeria, Africa’s largest country, to hold this forum of its kind, which will bring together more than 2000 participants from all African countries.
In this regard, Benabdeslem broached Algeria’s investment potentialities to contribute to the electrification of some regions in Africa.
FCE expressed the hope that Algeria takes advantage of Kenya’s experience in digital industry: A successful experience “that should be shared Algeria and Africa.”

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