Car industry: Partnership project with Volkswagen in discussion

APS : Tuesday, 08 March 2016
ALGIERS- Discussions between Group Sovac and German car manufacturer Volkswagen are underway for a project for the manufacturing of several types of Volkswagen labeled cars in Algeria.
“This is the third meeting with the important and active partner on the Algerian market. Volkswagen is willing to forge a partnership for the construction of several types of cars like Seat and other brands,” Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdessalem Bouchouareb told the press, following his meeting with the two parties.
“We are open to this partnership because we cannot conceive a mechanical industry without a German partner, which is already present in Algeria in the manufacturing of heavy vehicles,” he said.
The minister hoped the forthcoming conclusion of an agreement between the two parties.
“The “Companies will continue negotiations. I hope they will soon lead to an agreement,” he argued.
For Bouchouareb, the presence of German car manufacturers will “grow” with this future partnership.
Concerning the various measures already applied for the streamlining of the national vehicle market, Bouchouareb announced the forthcoming establishment of a specification organizing the activity of the automotive industry in order “not to live what we have already experienced in terms of management of auto dealers.”
The organization and regulation of the automotive industry will not only serve the interests of foreign partners but also the interest of Algeria, and to boost the engineering industry, he insisted.
As for him, German manufacturer representative said that the Algerian market is “very attractive” and “very important” for Volkswagen.
“Today, we had the opportunity to discuss with the minister and our partner Group Sovac a local project,” added.
According to the data he presented, Volkswagen is represented in Algeria by more than 80 agents of various brands, employing nearly 2,000 workers.

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