Canada ready to collaborate with Algeria to foster export capacities

ALGIERS- The National Agency for the Promotion of the External Commerce (Algex), the Canada-Algeria Development Council (CDCA), TFO Canada (non-governmental organism) and the Forum of the Algerian Managers (FCE) expressed on Wednesday here their strong willingness collaborate to foster the Algerian export capacities.
This willingness result in the elaboration of a roadmap to launch the “Export Launchpad Algeria” programme, aimed at providing for one year technical assistance to trade support organizations and the Algerian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to export their products to Canada and embark on other international markets, said CDCA President Mustapha Ouyed during the Algerian-Canadian forum on partnership and export.
Elaborated in particular in collaboration with the Ministries of Trade and Foreign Affairs, and the international funding bodies, this programme will focus on training of trainers and will help identify of business sectors with high export potential for the “Made in Algeria” label.
Coaching trainers also aims at establishing a permanent programme in Algeria in the field of export.
The partners of this initiative eye accompanying Algeria in its strategy of diversifying exports, by providing Algerian entrepreneurs with the tools, consulting services and business connections needed to optimize and valuate the domestic products abroad.

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