Business Climate in Algeria has "significantly improved"

APS : Wednesday, 11 January 2017
SOUK AHRAS -Vice-president of the Algerian-German Chamber of Commerce, Amelia Zinke, stressed on Wednesday in Souk Ahras, “the significant improvement” of the business climate in Algeria, thanks to security and social stability.
Attending a conference on investment opportunities in Souk Ahras (east of Algeria), held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-Medjerda), the vice-president of the Algerian-German Chamber of Commerce said that the strategic location of Algeria enabled a “total take-off” of investment in all fields, with regard to “the climate of security and stability which prevails.”
The possibilities of investment in North Africa can grow on the basis of win-win principle, she added while outlining the German strategy to contribute to the Algerian economic development, based on the exploitation of the German experience and competence in various fields.
The speaker also highlighted the prospects of the Algerian-German partnership citing several fields of German investors namely the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, fodder production and storage, photovoltaic energy and recycling.
As for him, Prefect Abdelghani Filali stressed “the possibility of partnership with the German experience in the field of recycling” as well as the efforts made by the government and the local authorities to boost agricultural and tourism investment in the city of Souk Ahras.”

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