Bensalah: Algeria willing to build "prosperous" economy

APS : Monday, 19 September 2016
PARIS-Speaker of the Council of the Nation (Upper House of Parliament) Abdelkader Bensalah affirmed Monday in Algiers that Algeria “has changed” and wishes to build “a prosperous” economy.
“Algeria has changed and amended its texts to become more attractive. We wish to build a strong economy”, he stressed at a press a conference held in French Senate, with his counterpart Gérard Larcher.
“In addition to the strong security relation, we are willing to build a strong economy and give the opportunity to French businesses to invest in Algeria. We have amended our texts, they are currently more attractive to boost investments and give a new impetus to economic cooperation between the two countries, he affirmed, stressing that the two countries “must move forward on the right path.”
President of the Upper House of the Algerian Parliament said that through the 1st parliamentary forum, to which attended members of the Council of the Nation including those belonging to opposition, “came to build and strengthen relations between the two countries and peoples.”
As for security, he pleaded for the continuation of counterterrorism efforts and reiterated Algeria’s condemnation of the terrorist attacks that targeted France since 2015.
“We express our support and solidarity with the families affected by these barbarous acts,” he added, recalling that Algeria faced terrorism “alone” during a decade.
For his part, president of the French Senate hailed the holding of this forum “for the first time in the history of the two countries.”
“Bensalah’s official visit highlights parliamentary diplomacy that does not replace States one but deepens it through personal links between MPs,” he said, adding that this forum “reflects the quality” of relations between Algeria and France.
Referring to statement made by an Algerian minister, according to whom, “Algeria exports stability,” Gérard Larcher affirmed that this stability is genuine on the ground either in Mali or Libya.
He stressed that the Council of the Nation and the French Senate “can play a key role” in the Mediterranean space to establish an inter-Mediterranean dialogue for peace and stability.

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