Benkhalfa, Vice president of EIB discuss investment financing

APS : Saturday, 16 April 2016
WASHINGTON (US)- Minister of Finance Abderrahmane Benkhalfa on Friday held discussions with the Vice President of the European Bank Investment (EIB) Luca Lazzaroli, about the financing of investments.
The meeting, held on the sidelines of the IMF meetings was an opportunity for Benkhalfa to discuss with Lazzaroli of the multiple instruments of investment financing like the public-private partnership, the equity participation and capital market.
Algeria which refuses to resort to indebtedness is to examine the means to mobilize preferential financing for projects which generate their own liquidity (cash flow).
The minister met with World Bank vice-president for MENA Hafez Ghanem.
Saturday, Benkhalfa is planned to take part in a ministerial meeting on the World Bank new strategy for MENA region.

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