Babaammi presents in Dubai Algeria’s policy for economic diversification


APS : Tuesday, 14 February 2017

ALGIERS- Minister of Finance Hadji Babaammi has presented Tuesday in Dubai, where he is taking part in the fifth World Government Summit,
Algeria’s strategy for the diversification of economy, the ministry said in a statement.
The policy was outlined at a restricted meeting of Arab Finance ministers, held on the sidelines of the summit, and devoted to diversification of economy in hydrocarbon exporting countries in the light of oil prices fall.
The Finance minister also met some of his Arab counterparts, with whom he exchanged views on the global economic situation and its impact on economy region-wide, according to the statement.
Bilateral relations and the ways and methods to boost them have been at the centre of the discussions.
Babaammi, the statement added, met some senior executives of international and regional financial institutions.
The minister, who was accompanied by the governor of the Bank of Algeria Mohamed Loukal, also met with the governor of the central bank of the United Arab Emirates.

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