Arab Swimming Championship: Algeria snatches three gold medals

APS : Tuesday, 05 April 2016
ALGIERS- Algerian swimmers harvested 11 medals, including three gold, on Tuesday, the first day of the third Arab championship taking place in Al-Hamdane complex of Dubai,
United Arab Emirates, the Algerian Swimming Federation said.
The gold medals have been won by Oussama Sahnoune in 50m freestyle, who clocked 22.27, ahead of Egyptians Salem Ihab (23.01) and Adham Abdelmegid (23.20).
Souad Nafissa Cherouati got the gold medal in the 1500m event in which she clocked 17:12.79, ahead of Egyptian Roaia Mashaly (17:25.72) and Algerian swimmer, Majda Chebaraka (17:30.38).
The third Algerian gold medal on the Arab championship’s first day went to Sara Hadj-Abderrahmane (female 200m butterfly), who won the final in 2:14.78, ahead of Egyptian Rowida Hesham (2:16.65) and Algerian Samar Khacha (2:22.91).
Algeria’s silver medals have been won by Abdellah Ardjoune (200m backstroke), clocking 2:06.64, and Lounis Khendriche (200m butterfly), clocking 2:03.52.
The Algerian bronze medals wen to Amel Melih 50m freestyle (26.74), Rania Hamida Nefsi 200m backstroke (2:25.26), Nail Kaddache 200m butterfly (2:03.68), Samar Khacha 200 butterfly (2:22.91), Majda Chebaraka 1.500m freestyle (17:30.38), in addition to Amel Milih, Aimen Benabid, Sara Hadj-Abderrahmane and Oussama Sahnoune in 4x100m relay, who clocked 4:11.38.

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