Arab Judo Championship (cadet -juniors): Algeria ranks first, with 36 medals

APS : Monday, 05 December 2016
TUNIS – The Algerian junior and cadet judo teams (boys and girls) ranked first in the 2016 Arab Championships, which wrapped up on Monday in Tunis (Tunisia), with a total of 36 medals: 15 gold, 10 silver and 11 bronze.
On the podium, Algeria beat Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, the organizing country of the competition, held from 30 November to 5 December.
The Algerian gold medalists for boys are: Denni Aymen, Aloui Ramzi, Khelfaoui Fakhreddine, Haddad Hamanou, Santouh Mohamed, Zemmouri Yacine, Groug Mohamed and Osama Bensakhri.
For girls, the gold winners are: Kadour Khadidja, Hadel Nesrine, Boudjemil Nasrine, Zina Bouakkache, Karima Kechout, Ichallal Louisa and Mellouk Yasmine.
The silver medals were won by Mokhfi Ala-Eddine, Laoued Abderrahmane, Denni Aymen, Cheyoukh Salah and Bouamar Mustapha among the boys and while Rezzik Imane, Kadour Houaria, Belahouaoui Rania and Sahnoun Sandra among the girls.
The bronze medals were snatched by Souici chams-Eddine Mabrouk Abdelkader and Benzebboudj Smaïl, as well as Bounacer Meroua, Kebbani Saâdia, Soukhane Sarah, Saoud Lamia, Benfetima Lydia, Mameri Marwa and Cheikh Thala.
Algeria wins a total of 34 medals in individual competitions, in addition to silver and bronze medals by team.

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