Arab-African cooperation: Algeria has “great” investment opportunities

AMMAN (Jordan)- Algeria has great investment means and opportunities that can be materialized into projects as part of the Arab-African cooperation,
said Wednesday in Amman the general director of the Algerian Chamber of Trade and Industry (CACI).
In a session on “the investment opportunities in Africa and Arab countries” as part of the Arab-African economic forum held in Jordan under the theme “Roadmap and Accessible Financing for Successful Investments,” the official underlined that the concerned parties were convinced that “Algeria has great investment opportunities and means that can be materialized into projects as part of ambitious and promising programmes, notably thanks to tax cuts and preferential customs measures taken by the public authorities.”
Bahloul, who pointed out that the investment opportunities in Algeria “are increasing particularly concerning joint investment,” highlighted the component of the Algerian economy which relies on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) whose number exceeds one million.
She also stressed the “important” investment opportunities as well as the facilities made possible in this sector.
While broaching the strategic orientation that the State intends to implement through the activation of small and medium-sized projects in Algeria in the last decade, the official said “we have to think about ways and mechanisms that can enhance partnerships in small and medium investment projects,” adding “we can also benefit from the framework offered by the Union of the Arab Chambers for a win-win partnership for all sides.”
She welcomed the presence, in Algeria, of several Arab companies which aspire today to promising prospects to access African markets.

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