Algeria's unemployment rate falls to 9. 9% in April 2016

APS : Saturday, 30 July 2016
ALGIERS- The unemployment rate in Algeria went down to 9.9% in April 2016 against 11.2% in September 2015, with unemployed population nearing 1.198 million people, the National Office of Statistics (ONS) told APS.
Last April, the number of the working population, i.e. of working age was estimated 12.092 million against 11.932 million in September 2015.
Regarding, the occupied population (people having jobs) it reached 10.895 million last April.
It is composed of 8.83 million men (81.1% of the occupied population) and 2.06 million women (18.9%).
Based on those figures, it is found that the unemployment rate has substantially decreased for men at 8.2% in April 2016 (against 9.9% in September 2015), while for women; the unemployment rate has stagnated at 16.5%.
Moreover, important disparities have been observed according to age, level of education and university degree.
For people aged 25 and more, unemployment rate is of 7.5% with a rate of 5.9% with men and 13.7% with women.
Regarding the unemployment rate with youth aged between 16 and 24, it decreased from 24.7% last April (against nearly 30% last September) with a 21.8% rate with young men against 40% with young women.
Concerning the level of education, the unemployment rate decline concerned more the unqualified people and those having vocational training diploma than those with university degrees.
The unemployment rate for the unqualified people fell to 8.3% last April (against 9.6% in September), while the rate for those having vocational training degrees went down to 12.1%.
However, the unemployment rate for people with university degrees stabilized at 13.2% (against 12.3% in September).
53.3% of the unemployed population do not hold a degree (639,000 unemployed persons), 24.1% of them hold vocational training degree (289,000 unemployed persons) while 22.6% of them studied in university (270,000 unemployed persons).

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