Algeria’s hydrocarbon production, exports pick up again

APS : Saturday, 01 October 2016
PARIS- Algeria’s hydrocarbon production, exports picked up again, affirmed the expert in the energy sector Francis Perrin, underlining that the year 2017 should mark the beginning of an additional increase.
“The statistics published by Sonatrach in September confirm that the production and exports of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons of Algeria have picked up again,” said Francis Perrin in the editorial of the last issue of Oil and Gas Africa.
He underlined, on the basis of Sontrach’s figures, that for the first eight months of 2016, these exports increased to 71.5 million tonnes of oil equivalent against 65.4 million tonnes of oil equivalent in the same period in 2015, adding that between January and August, the primary production of hydrocarbons was 127.4 million tonnes of oil equivalent, representing 99 % of Sonatrach’s objective.
The year 2017 “should mark the beginning of an additional increase thanks to the entry into production of new fields, notably for the natural gas,” he said, pointing out that the exports of gas via pipelines rose by 43 % compared with the corresponding period in 2015.

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