Algerian-US breeding, cereal growing project operational late 2016

APS : Sunday, 02 October 2016
ALGIERS- Algerian-US project for dairy cattle breeding and cereal and fodder production in El Bayadh (700-km south-west of Algiers) is to enter into production from late 2016, the head of the US-Algeria Business Council (USABC), Smail Chikhoune, said Sunday.
“The major project, the first of its kind between Algeria and the United States, is a partnership between US consortiums specialized in cattle breeding and cereal growing and Algerian private group Lacheb,” Chikhoune told National Radio.
Stretching over an area of 25,000 hectares (ha), the agricultural project will devote 5,000 ha to cattle breeding and 20,000 ha to producing hard wheat, barley, fodder, potato and maize ensilage.
“Planting will be carried out twice a year on 20,000 hectares. The first harvest will take place next May,” he said.
Created according to the 51/49% system governing foreign investment in Algeria, the project will start with the planting of 1,440 hectares in 2017, before progressively increasing the rate until it becomes fully operational by 2019.

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