Algerian online cultural portal officially inaugurated in Algiers

APS : Sunday, 28 February 2016
ALGIERS-Culture Minister Azzedine Mihoubi has officially inaugurated Sunday in Algiers a new multimedia portal devoted to the Algerian cultural heritage, mainly Andalusian music.
Developed by musicologist and Editor Fayçal Benkalfat, “an online cultural portal is meant to digitize a maximum of data relating to Algerian culture to show its richness, diversity and make it available to public.
During this ceremony, a demonstration of several columns of this portal, bringing together classic and popular music, cinema, theatre, literature and cultural heritage, have been presented to executives of the Culture Ministry and attending artists.
In a message read on this behalf by the Minister of Culture, President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika expressed his “great satisfaction (…) about the creation of this portal.”
The Head of State praised efforts made by the developers of this portal to create a “useful public space” for the benefit of culture and “all Algerians attached to the promotion of the national culture.”
Through this “precious” portal, net surfers will have the opportunity to ensure preservation and popularization of the national cultural heritage (and) and enjoy a honourable position among universal cultures,” the Head of State stressed.
“From now on, Algerians, wherever they are, will benefit from a free acces to this rich heritage, given a rough time by the vagaries of history,” he affirmed.
This work is “hard” and “meticulous” and constitutes a “receptacle” of “a major” corpus of our culture, so far “insufficiently valorised,” the Head of State stated.
“While supporting the official inauguration of this site, I would like to pay tribute to all actors and artists that worked to create this so-deep Algerian wonderful encyclopaedia,” President Bouteflika stated.
For his part, Azzedine Mihoubi said that this project is “an implementation” of the recent constitutional revision that ensure to the citizen the right to culture, while guaranteeing the preservation and safeguarding of the national cultural heritage,” he recalled.
The promoter of this project, Fayçal Benkhalfat, said that this portal is accessible on all multimedia devices (computers, tablets and smartphones) and remains open for enrichment (free cultural documents and materials).

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