Algerian-French strategic partnership: Messahel emphasizes importance of people’s movement

APS : Tuesday, 30 October 2018
PARIS- As part of the 5th Algerian-Frencg Joint Economic Committee (COMEFA), Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized Monday, in Paris, the importance of the movement of people under the Algerian-French strategic partnership.
In this regard, he underlined that the movement of people constitute an essential vehicle for the promotion of economic and human exchanges between the two countries, as well as for the strengthening of Algerian-French strategic partnership that the two countries are working to make from it a special and exceptional exchange framework.
He underlined the important number of air links from Algeria to France, constituting a way likely to meet this objective of the densification of human ties between the two countries.
The Algerian-French Joint Economic Committee was set up in 2013 to supervise, promote and strengthen the economic cooperation and trading between the two countries.

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