Algerian-French economic cooperation, very fruitful, very trustful

APS : Tuesday, 24 January 2017
PARIS- French-Algerian economic relations are “very fruitful” and “very trustful,” said Tuesday in Paris French Minister of Economy and Finance Michel Sapin.
“On the whole, we have built very fruitful and very trustful economic relations, like in all other aspects of bilateral cooperation,” Sapin told APS and Algerian Television and Radio, following his discussions with Minister of Finance Hadji Babaammi, ahead of the meeting of 5+5 Dialogue Finance Ministers.
The French minister said that “it is important that we know each other personally and discuss the situation in Algeria, which has tackled, like many other countries, the decline in its revenues due to the drop in oil prices,” adding that “it has done it with great determination.”
“Algeria is in a position today to cope with those difficult situations without giving up investment projects that are necessary for the country’s development,” said Sapin.
“We have discussed many issues of common interest, including those that will be addressed during the 5+5 meeting, like the fight against the financing of terrorism and the implementation of effective customs measures,” he added.
For his part, Babaammi said that the 5+5 meeting would focus on customs and energy cooperation, which are very important for the member states.

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