Algerian, Emirati firms ink agricultural MOA

APS : Sunday, 17 April 2016
ABU DHABI (UAE)- Algerian public agri-food group AGRODIV and United Arab Emirates’ company Elite Agro LLC have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) Sunday, in Abu Dhabi, to develop pilot integrated farms producing cereals, fodder, fruit and vegetables.
The agreement was signed by the CEO of AGRODIV, Djamila Ikhneche, and the chairman of Elite Agro, Murshid Al Rathini, in the presence of Minister of Industry and Mines Abdessalam Bouchouareb, on the sidelines of the first bilateral business forum held Sunday in Abu Dhabi.
Under the MOA, the Emirati partner will contribute to the development of the two previously created pilot farms in the provinces of Setif and Guelma to improve their yield and boost their production, Ikhneche told APS on the sidelines of the forum.
The two pilot farms, stretching over more than 1000 hectares each, yield between 9 and 15 quintals per hectare.
Through cooperation with the UAE, their capacity is expected to reach between 50 and 70 quintals per hectare when cultivated with rainfall alone, and 100 quintals per hectare through irrigation.
This partnership is expected to allow Algeria to meet its needs in cereals, fodder, fruit and vegetables in the next five years, AGRODIV’s chief executive officer said.

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