Algerian CGEA, French MDEF discuss bolstering Algerian-French business partnership

APS : Saturday, 03 February 2018
ALGIERS- Boosting bilateral partnership and Mediterranean economic dialogue was at the centre of discussions Friday, in Paris, between the chairman of the General Confederation of Algerian Companies (CGEA)
and BusinessMed (the Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises), Saida Neghza, and the president of MEDEF (the Movement of the Enterprises of France), Pierre Gatazz, the CGEA said Saturday in a statement.
The discussions focused on plans to step up partnership between Algerian and French companies and give a fresh impetus to the Mediterranean economic dialogue to encourage investment and create wealth and jobs, according to the statement.
The two sides also tackled the geostrategic, economic and social challenges to meet by the two shores of the Mediterranean, including migration, unemployment among the young, climate change, the transformations brought about by technology and the need to improve business climate in the region.
Stressing the leading role of employers organizations, as a proactive force, the two sides agreed on undertaking joint actions to develop policies for the development of investment and the creation of companies, boosting workers’ skills in the new trades, the development of the private sector and the culture of entrepreneurship, mainly among young people and women.
On the sidelines of the discussions, a CGEA business manager’s delegation met the head of the French MEDEF, tackling the prospects for the development of Algerian-French economic partnership, mainly in industry, agriculture, tourism and the digital field.
They also examined opportunities for exchange of experiences between Algerian and French small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).
The two sides discussed a plan to hold an Algerian-French business meeting in Algiers, which would make it possible for the economic operators of both countries to take efficient actions in the execution of cooperation projects in different sectors, the statement said.

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