Algerian businessmen in search of investment opportunities in Mauritania

APS : Tuesday, 31 January 2017
NOUAKCHOTT (Mauritania)- Mauritania recently experienced an influx og Algerian economic operators and businessmen in search of opportunities to invest and export Algerian products on the Mauritanian market
in order to meet the significant demand for these products, because of their quality and their competitive prices.
The Algerian-Mauritanian High Joint Commission meeting, which took place in December in Algiers, and the African Investment and Business Forum, encouraged Algerian economic operators to turn towards the exploration of the African market from Mauritania as a portal of Western African.
Many Algerian operators, investors and businessmen representing various economic sectors recently went to Mauritania to explore the Mauritanian market, marked by a significant consumption in front of a lack of local production and absence of industrialization, which makes it a promising market, investors told APS.
Ben Khelfallah Hamida, an economic operator specializing in the electrical equipments said that contact with his Mauritanian counterparts made it possible to affirm “their willingness to see Algerian products marketed on the Mauritanian market because of their quality and their
Algerian products exhibited in Nouakchott, an opportunity to promote cooperation
Algerians and Mauritanians place great hopes on the promotion of cooperation in the commercial sector during the exhibition of Algerian products, scheduled in Nouakchott in April, which will be an opportunity to discover the Algerian product and examine the investment and partnership possibilities in different economic fields.
In this regard, Mohamed Ali Val, a Mauritanian businessman said that “Algerian products took a long time to integrate the Mauritanian market, hence the need to make up for this delay and to relaunch cooperation on solid bases,” adding that this show will mark the effective launching of a fruitful cooperation between the two countries.”

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