Algeria wins first award for Land Development in Africa

APS : Sunday, 12 March 2017
ALGIERS- Algeria won the first award for Land Development of the International Conference for Africa held in Lyon (France), thanks to its achievements in the building and housing sector said the ministry of Housing,
Urban Planning and the City in a communiqué on Saturday.
This distinction comes given Algeria’s efforts in “the construction of new modern cities and the eradication of shanty towns as well as the Algerian Government’s great efforts to improve citizens’ lifestyle,” added the communiqué.
Held in February, the International Conference for Africa was a global event whose main goal was to extend energy transition and sustainable development at the local and global level.
Organized by the Ecole de Commerce of Lyon and the Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa, several bodies, companies and many stakeholders for the development of the African continent took part in this event.

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