Algeria, Vietnam sign cooperation agreement on housing, urban planning

ALGIERS- Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and Town Abdelwahid Temmar and his Vietnamese counterpart, Pham Hông Hà, stressed Monday, in Algiers, their will to establish a agreement bilateral cooperation in housing,
urban planning by 2018, the ministry said in a statement.
The two ministers said they want to set up a joint action plan as soon as possible to pave the way for a bilateral cooperation agreement on housing, urban and town planning by 2018.
At an audience he granted to the Vietnamese minister of Construction, chairman of the 11th joint Algerian-Vietnamese cooperation commission, who was leading a large delegation, Temmar presented Algeria’s housing programme and the aspects relating to new cities.
Vietnam’s minister, for his part, expressed his admiration for housing achievements in Algeria, presenting his country’s own housing policy and national planning with their financing methods.
The two officials discussed “cooperation between Algeria and Vietnam in housing and urban planning and the means to boost it, such as the exchange of expertise and promotion of partnership,” the statement concluded.

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