Algeria-USA: 4th discussions on TIFA agreement in Washington on March 11

APS : Tuesday, 01 March 2016

WASHINGTON- Algeria and the United States of America will hold on 11 March 2016 in Washington their 4th discussions on Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA),
a meeting which will focus on the promotion of investment and partnership, Algeria’s embassy in Washington told APS.
Algeria will be represented, in this meeting, by several officials coming under the ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, of Industry and Mining and that of Trade, while the United States of America will be represented by officials of the Office of the United States Trade Representatives (USTR), which is the executive branch of the American federal government responsible for trade policy at the bilateral and multilateral levels.
These discussions of TIFA agreement, signed in 2001, will allow Algeria to review the bilateral trade exchanges which have decreased because of the drop in American imports of Algerian gas and oil, said the ambassador Madjid Bouguerra.
As the US is self-sufficient in energy, notably gas, “It is appropriate, for us, to encourage the exchanges in other non-hydrocarbon sectors, by introducing the Algerian products into the American market,” he said.
In this regard, he said that it is necessary for Algeria to benefit from all the American mechanisms encouraging the access of foreign products in the US.

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