Algeria, US agree to set up Labour ministry-USABC working group

ALGIERS-The Ministry of the Labour, Employment and Social Security and the US-Algeria Business Council on Tuesday decided to set up a working group to support American investors in the procedures relating to the sector,
the ministry said in a communiqué
During a meeting, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Mourad Zemali and a delegation of US businesspersons agreed to “set up a joint working group comprising executives of the ministry and representatives of USABC businesspersons. The group is tasked with supporting American investors in the procedures relating to the sector of Labour, Employment and Social Security,” said the communiqué.
During this meeting, the US delegation inquired about national policies and mechanisms in force in the field of labour, employment and social security as well as the advantages offered in this field.
Zemali expressed his department’s willingness to support US investors in the implementation of their projects in Algeria and to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership.
The US delegation is composed of managers of major US companies representing various sectors, including energy, renewable energy, waste recycling, the pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment, telecommunication, ICTs, agriculture machinery, agrifood and business offices.
The diversity of the sectors represented by the delegation is an opportunity for investment and job creation because they are a priority for public authorities, which encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of microenterprises in productive economic sectors, said Zemali.
The minister expressed his willingness to set up cooperation and partnership frameworks with start-ups and to create incubators for industrial projects to be implemented in Algeria.

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