Algeria to the fore at 23rd Maghreb book fair in Paris

APS : Sunday, 19 February 2017
PARIS- Algeria is much in evidence at the 23rd Maghreb des Livres book fair which kicked off Saturday at Hotel de Ville in Paris, an event organized by the association Coup de Soleil.
Through this annual exhibition, Coup de Soleil aims to strengthen ties between the populations of the Maghreb, regardless of their geographical origins (Algeria, France, Morocco and Tunisia), cultural origins (Arab-Berber, Jewish and European) or historical origins (immigrants or repatriates).
The idea of this exhibition, added the source, came from late Algerian writer Rachid Mimouni, writer of “Fleuve détourné” (The diverted river).
Large crowds visited the show to discover the editorial and cultural novelties produced in the two shores of the Mediterranean.
Among the 1500 listed books (published in France and Maghreb countries), the event’s organizers invited 260 of their authors to autograph their novels, underlining that about 130 responded “positively,” including 22 from Algeria, five from Morocco, five from Tunisia, six from Europe (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland) and one from Canada.

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