Algeria to remain country open to different cultures, religions and traditions

APS : Monday, 08 July 2019
MEDEA- Algeria “will remain a country open to the different cultures, religions and traditions, notably those of the Mediterranean region and African continent, and hopes to become top destination for all foreign tourists,”
said Monday, in Tibhirine (Medea), Minister of Tourism and Craft Industry Abdelkader Benmessaoud.
“Beyond the symbolism of this place of Christian worship, witness to the perfect co-existence between the different communities and religions, our visit today carries a message of peace and solidarity vis-à-vis other communities and our willingness to encourage the emergence of religious tourism able to bring an added value to the sector,” said the minister on the sidelines of his visit to the monastery of Our Lady of Atlas.
“Time has come,” said the minister “to plan religious tours able to highlight the abundance of our heritage and offers, thereby, a new product for tourists.”
“Algeria has appreciable assets which will allow it to become, within few years, a top destination for foreign tourists,” he added.
Pointing out that mass tourism “has more disadvantages than advantages,” Benmessaoud said he “is in favor of selective and ecological tourism.”
When asked about the measures taken to encourage domestic tourism, notably in terms of hotel pricing, the minister said that the rates were determined by the law of supply and demand, nevertheless, “these reception facilities will be controlled to avoid any possible injustices, particularly within the hotels which committed to applying promotional pricing.”

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