Algeria to host African-Arab Forum in 2018

APS : Thursday, 28 September 2017
AMMAN- President of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI), Mohamed Laid Benamor, announced on Wednesday in Amman that Algeria would host in 2018 an Afro-Arab economic
forum to give a picture of the diverse and great investment opportunities available in Algeria.
“The CACI, supported by the State, is preparing an economic forum which should bring together Arab and African businessmen as well as
professionals to discuss the various investment opportunities offered by the Algerian market,” Benamor told APS on the sidelines of the Arab Economic Forum in Amman, he hailed “fertile and promising.”
He added that CACI “is looking for possibilities and mechanisms to consolidate the partnership with the Arab and African regions in terms of small and medium-sized investment projects in the agriculture, tourism and services in order to build a strong economy and reduce, therefore, the import bill.”
Benamor set out the huge opportunities offered by Algeria to Arab investors in the context of ambitious projects and real economic activities which are accompanied by incentives granted by the State, adding that “our goal is to diversify the economy through production to move from an importing country to an exporting one.”
The CACI has a “vision and a strategy” to achieve this objective and to trigger the development process in the light of the economic, political and social facts in Algeria, which demand autonomy from oil dependence.
Responding to a question about investment priorities in Algeria, Benamor said that “in view of Algeria’s capacities an potentials in all sectors, we need experience and create more workplaces in the country,” adding that the “African -Arab cooperation could offer us great opportunities in this field.”

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