Algeria, peaceful State with no hostile policy towards countries, says FM

APS : Wednesday, 04 March 2020

ALGIERS – Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum on Wednesday said that Algeria is “a peaceful State which has not hostile policy towards countries, mainly the neighbouring,” insisting on the principle of negotiation for the settlement of border
delimitation problems.
“Algeria is a peaceful State which has no (aggressive) intention and no hostile policy towards any country, particularly the neighbouring countries,” said Boukadoum.
The foreign minister and Spanish counterpart held a joint news conference. His remarks were in response to a question on the news reported by international media that Algeria and Spain have “differences” about the delimitation of the maritime boundaries.
Moreover, he has described “Spain as an important and strategic neighbouring country.”
In this regard, Boukadoum recalled the Algerian authorities’ decision of 2018 on border delimitation, providing for “negotiation on any problem relating to an overlap in the maritime area with a neighbouring country.”
“Algeria does not want any region, neither Caprera nor Ibiza. It solely wants to pursue dialogue and partnership with Spain,” said the Algerian top diplomat who denied such information.
Answering a question about the fact that a UN envoy for Western Sahara has not been named to date, Boukadoum urged “the need for naming a new envoy as soon as possible.”
The “problm of (Western Sahara) has lasted too long, which is inacceptable, as the problems may accumulate and misunderstandings would worsen” concerning this question.
He emphasized “the imperative to respect all the decisions of the Security Council” relating to Western Sahara question.

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