Algeria participates in 22nd MIT in Tunis

APS : Tuesday, 05 April 2016
ALGIERS- Algeria participates from 6 to 9 April, in Tunis, in the 22nd International Tourism Market,
organized this year under the slogan “The Relaunch,” said Tuesday the ministry of National Planning, Tourism and Craft Industry.
Algeria’s participation, represented by the National Office of Tourism (ONT), is part of the “implementation of the tourism development strategy in Algeria under the tourist redevelopment plan for 2030.”
Algeria’s presence in this rendez-vous aims at “promoting destination Algeria in its Mediterranean dimension.”
An area of 63 m² will be devoted to the Algerian stand, which will particularly highlight the richness of destination Algeria and the diversity of its urban heritage.
Algerian operators will allow Algerian operators to promote Algerian tourist product but also “to inquire about the developments of the global tourist market through the participation in business meetings,” said the communiqué.
According to the same source, Algeria’s participation is also part “of cooperation and exchanges between Algeria and Tunisia in the tourism field, which will be reinforced in favour of the Maghreb tourism and environmental development and the exchange of experiences in this field.”

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