Algeria, Oman want to boost bilateral trade

APS : Monday, 09 October 2017
ALGIERS- Minister of Trade Mohamed Benmeradi and Oman’s minister of Commerce and Industry, Ali bin Masoud bin Ali al Sunaidy, said Monday, in Algiers, the two countries seek to increase the volume of bilateral trade and find
solutions to the hindrances preventing its development.
The two ministers made the comments while visiting the stands of a trade show for Omani products at the exhibition center of Algiers.
“There are great opportunities to step up trade between the Sultanate of Oman and Algeria,” Benmeradi told reporters on the sidelines of the show’s opening ceremony.
He noted that the economic event, which will run until Thursday, has made it possible to have a “good image of Oman’s products.”
Al Sanidi, for his part, said nearly 150 Omani businessmen will pay a visit to Algeria in the next days to meet their Algerian counterparts and discuss, together, partnership opportunities.
“Being a large major market, considering the density of its population, several Omani business managers intend to make of Algeria a hub for the promotion of their products in the region,” Al Sanidi said.
Oman wants to import manufactured products, especially those used in the food industry.

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