Algeria officially returns to 2018 Paris International Agricultural Show

APS : Friday, 02 March 2018
PARIS- Algeria, through the participation of the National Chamber of Agriculture (CNA), has formally returned after 25 years of absence, to the 2018 Paris International Agricultural Show in its 55th edition.
Unlike last year’s timid participation with 6 companies only, about fifteen Algerian public and private companies, producing local agricultural products, are present but this time with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing.
For the first time, the Show visitors will see the Algerian fruits and vegetables, apart from date (Deglet Nour), the Red Globe grapes, the big Washington Navel orange, the red potato Barkina, the white Spunta, the eggplant, kawa tomato and beetroot.
All these fruits and vegetables come from the farms of the provinces of Tipasa and Boumerdès.
“We want to enlarge Algeria’s stand through greater participation of companies in the coming editions,” the Head of the Stand told Makhlouf Chalal APS, highlighting the Algerian government’s policy for the development of the agricultural sector and the variety of Algerian products that “are of superior quality”.
On behalf of the participating companies, the official thanked the National Chamber of Agriculture for financing 50% of the Algerian participation and the transportation of the products.
In addition to olive oil and fig from Beni Maouche (Bejaia) and dates of Biskra, three key products have attracted the attention of visitors: saffron, vegetable oils and essential oils.

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