Algeria, Niger sign cooperation agreement in tourism, craft industry

ALGIERS- A cooperation agreement was signed Monday, in Algiers, on the implementation of the action plan 2017-2019, culminating the works of the joint committees of follow-up of the implementation of tourism and craft industry agreements to “support training, marketing,
exchange of experiences and information as well as to encourage tourist movements between the two countries.”
This agreement, signed by Minister of Tourism and Craft Industry Hassan Mermouri and his Niger’s counterpart Ahmet Boto aims at “strengthening the bilateral cooperation notably in the field of tourism and craft industry, through the promotion of training in different handicraft specialities, in addition to the exchange of experiences.”
This agreement provides for “the elaboration of a training programme for the development and relaunch of tourism, so that Niger’s students take advantage of a training session in the field of tourism in Algeria, as well as the exchange of pedagogical programmes between the two sides, the organization of training workshops for tourist guides in the two countries and the organization of tourist visits for the operators, professionals and researchers of the two countries.”
In this regard, Mermouri affirmed that this agreement is “the outcome of intense and continuous efforts between the two sides, thanks to which “a realistic action programme for the promotion of tourism and craft industry will be implemented in record time.”
In this regard, the minister called on the craftsmen for “an efficient participation with their contribution to the relaunch of training, in addition to the promotion of tourist destinations of the two countries,” announcing the organization of workshops between the two sides, the exchange of experiences, exchange of information and promotional material and the participation in events organized in the two countries, as well as the organization of tourist and exploration visits for executives and professionals.”
For his part, Niger’s Minister of Tourism hailed “the good bilateral cooperation relations in the different fields,” stressing the need to strengthen and develop them in the field of tourism and craft industry through the implementation of the existing agreements notably in terms of supporting craftsmen and professional of tourism.”

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