Algeria, Mauritania willing to strengthen cooperation in vocational training

APS : Tuesday, 14 February 2017
ALGIERS- Minister of Vocational Training and Education Mohamed Mebarki and Mauritanian Minister of Employment, Vocational Training and Information and Communication Technologies Dia Moctar Malal expressed,
Tuesday in Algiers, their “common willingness” to strengthen cooperation in the field of vocational and technical training and education.
In a statement to the press following the discussions, the Mauritanian minister hailed Algeria for its “continuous support” and technical assistance to Mauritania.
For his part, Mebarki said that the two countries agreed to continue the implementation of ongoing cooperation programme and to strengthen it, especially in fields related to training of trainers, twinning between training centres and the exchange of curriculums.
The two sides also welcomed the signing of a memorandum of understanding on vocational training and education, in Algiers on 20 December, on the sidelines of the works of the Algerian-Mauritanian High Joint Committee.
In this regard, they expressed their willingness to boost the ongoing cooperation programme, with the adoption of a new legal framework governing the exchanges in the field between the two countries.

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