Algeria, Italy create business club to boost partnership

APS : Wednesday, 20 July 2016
ALGIERS – An Algerian-Italian Business Club has been created on Wednesday in Algiers by both countries businessmen at the initiative of Managers Forum (FCE), aiming at boosting partnership between the Algerian-Italian economic operators.
Following the creation of the Club, the president of FCE Ali Haddad said that the initiative is intended to strengthening economic relations, notably partnership between economic operators of both countries.
Recalling that Italy has over 3 million SMEs, Haddad considered that this could be “a model” for Algeria.
Elected president of the Club for a period of one year, Ferrero Grazziella, who has been running for thirty years, three Algerian-Italian companies, stressed that the priorities of this new structure was to help the Algerian and Italian companies to strengthen the partnership.
Moreover, Italian ambassador to Algiers Michelle Giacomelli welcomed the creation of this business club, noting that it is expected to boost the “already excellent” economic relations between Algeria and Italy by multiplying partnerships and investments.
In 2015, Italy was Algeria’s second largest customer with exports worth $6.1 billion, and the third largest supplier in the country with Algerian imports of $ 4.8 billion.

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