“Algeria is key partner for France,” says Juppé

APS : Monday, 01 February 2016
ORAN- “Algeria is a key partner for France,” said Sunday the mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppé, at the end of the first day of his visit to Oran.
“For me, Algeria is a key partner for France,” said Juppé, in a speech to the representatives of the French community in Oran. The Mayor of Bordeaux is on a two-day visit to Oran then to Algiers.
“Tomorrow, Monday, I will be in Algiers where I will meet with the State’s highest authorities (…) and I will tell them again that for me Algeria is a key partner for France,” he said.
“We must fight together against a danger that you have unfortunately known in this terrible decade of the 1990s, which is terrorism,” added Juppé while underlining that “the particular relations between the two countries allow looking to the future with more optimism and confidence.”
Juppé expressed his pleasure to “see that the French companies are setting up in Algeria,” citing in this regard the car manufacturer Renault whose plant is in Oued Tlelat (Oran). “There are still others and that creates very special relations,” he added.
Juppé also said he is “pleased to return to Oran as part of this city’s twinning with Bordeax.” This twinning whose signing goes back to 2003 was dubbed “very active and very important.”

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