Algeria economy is “strong, stable”

APS : Sunday, 19 June 2016
WASHINGTON (United States)- Algerian economy is “strong” and “stable” compared to other economies of countries in the region said American journalist Kaitlin Lavinder, highlighting the efforts of the Algerian authorities for its diversification.
In her article entitled “Algeria : exporting stability” published in the American digital platform, The Cipher Brief, the journalist recalled that the encouragement of investment in Algeria and the diversification of its economy were the focus of the tripartite meeting (Government-UGTA-Employers) held in the beginning of June.
In this regard, Lavinder said that a bill relating to investment is being discussed at the Parliament and its main goal is to boost non-hydrocarbon investment.
She also highlighted the public authorities’ willingness to launch a new 2016-2019 economic model to face the fall in oil prices, “the country’s main source of revenue.”
Furthermore, the journalist said that Algeria and the United States are “partners” in the fight against terrorism and radicalisation.
In this regard, she said that the latest report of the Department of State on terrorism clearly indicated that Algeria is “an important partner” in the fight against terrorism.

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