Algeria' economic potential on agenda in Washington

APS : Tuesday, 06 December 2016
WASHINGTON (United States)- Algeria’s economic assets were on the focus Tuesday in Washington, during an international forum on US-Mediterranean ties organized by the American think tank, the Center for Transatlantic Relations.
In an address during the two-day event attended by 13 Mediterranean nations, Hafidha Benchehida, a members of the Council of the Nation (upper house of Parliament), stressed the improvement of the business climate and stability in Algeria, which will allow it to become an attractive destination for foreign investment.
Benchehida, speaking in a session on business climate in Maghreb countries, said Algeria remains a reference in terms of stability and a “peace exporter” country.
This fact was also underlined during the forum on Mediterranean dialogues held last Saturday in Rome, Italy, she added.
The deputy chairman of the Algerian employers’ forum (FCE), Mehdi Bendimerad, focused on Algeria’s economic reforms, mentioning the main measures taken by the government to facilitate investment.
He cited in this respect the revision of the Investment Code, access to land for industrial use and tax reduction.
The head of the Algerian-US Business Council, Smail Chikhoune, in a debate on private sector’s role in the creation of growth, said the process of Algerian economy diversification has sped up over the past few years.
The process has been marked by significant non-hydrocarbon investments, he stressed.

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