Algeria-Denmark: Messahel calls for substantially developing economic relations

APS : Tuesday, 06 March 2018
ALGIERS- Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel called Tuesday in Algiers for substantially boosting the Algerian- Danish economic relations and heighten trade exchange up to the level of the excellent political and friendship relations between the two countries.
Speaking at the opening of the Algerian-Danish Bussiness Forum, he co-chaired with Danish FM Anders Samuelsen, Messahel said that despite the excellent and satisfactory political relations and friendship ties between Algeria and Denmark, the commercial and economic ties remain at a modest level and need to be developed, consolidated and deepened.
“This approach is desirable and mainly achievable given the big complementarity between the economies of the two countries,” he added.
Moreover, the minister said that the participation in this forum of a large number of Algerian and Danish businessmen, operating in various sectors reflects both countries’ willingness and their shared desire to reinforce their economic and industrial relations.
Messahel also affirmed that Denmark was economically dynamic and has posted tangible progress in trade and investment in the world.
While praising the Danish know-how and technique that enjoy international reputation going beyond Europe, the minister affirmed that Algeria also offers unlimited assets, a significant economic potential, a gateway to Europe, the Arab World and Africa.

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