Algeria, China sign contract on construction of car ferry

ALGIERS – The National Company of Maritime Passenger Transport (ENTMV) and a Chinese group specializing in the naval construction have signed Sunday in Algiers a deal on the construction of a new car ferry
with a capacity of carrying 1800 passengers and 600 vehicles.
The Chinese group is composed of two companies namely Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited (GSI) and China Shipbuilding Trading Company (CSTC).
The contract worth $175 million, was signed by CEO of ENTMV Ahcéne Grairia and Presidents of GSI and CSTC respectively Han Guang De and Li Hongta, in the presence of Minister of Public Works and Transport Abdelghani Zaalane, and a representative of China embassy to Algiers He Hongyan.
The ship which will be built in 26 months is 199.90 meters in length and 29.95 meters in width, and can reach a speed of 24 knots (43.68 Km per hour).
It will be equipped with two restaurants, a cafeteria, two children’s playgrounds, a hall for prayer and sports gym.
In addition to the first-class cabins equipped with bathrooms and TVs, the ship will contain ten suits.
And to provide medical assistance to passengers, an equipped hotel is to be built on board.
The ship with all its equipments, its 1500 beds and its autonomy in fuel and food (10 days) offers the opportunity to organize cruises during the low season.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Public Works and Transports Minister pointed out that this contract is the result three years of negotiations.
According to Zaalane, the decision to build a new car ferry is part of the programme of President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika which aims at renewing the national maritime fleet and to create a freight transport fleet.
The Minister has also announced the decision of the Head of State to purchase 26 ships for the transport of containers and goods.
Ten ships have been purchased while the 16 ones are still under negotiation.

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