Algeria-Africa: Future junction linking Centre’s Grand Port, Eats-West motorway, Trans-Saharan road

APS : Tuesday, 26 April 2016
ALGIERS- Algeria plans to build a junction between the future Grand Port of the centre (Tipaza), that of Djendjen (Jijel), Eats-West motorway and the Trans-Saharan road, to develop its economy and strengthen its trading with neighbouring courtiers,
affirmed Minister of Public Works Abdelkader Ouali.
In his speech in the works of the 64th session of Liaison Committee of Trans-Saharan Road (CLRT), held Tuesday in Algiers, the minister considered that the liaison between these four major infrastructures will have a direct effect on the profitability of trading between the region’s countries.
At present, the transport of goods between Algeria and Mali, for example, requires an average of two months with transportation costs representing 40% of the overall value of the transported goods, he said.
But with the junction linking the Algerian ports to the Trans-Saharan road, we will need 7 to 10 days to carry goods between Algeria and Mali with transportation costs that don’t exceed 5% of the goods’ value.
The progress of the works of the Trans-Saharan road, stretching over a distance of 9,500 km and linking six (06) African countries namely Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Chad and Nigeria, is varying.

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