Algeria-Africa Business Forum in Algiers on 19-21 November

APS : Monday, 06 June 2016
ALGIERS- An Algerian-African Business Forum will take place in Algiers between 19 and 21 November, with a view to developing and directing Algerian non-hydrocarbon exports to the African continent,
said Monday in Algiers Minister of Industry and Mining Abdesselam Bouchouareb.
To that end, a working group made up of representatives of the ministry of Industry and Mining and the ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Forum of Algerian Business Managers (FCE), has been installed Monday to prepare the meeting.
Algeria aims at “directing its non-hydrocarbon exports to its first natural destination (Africa) and to develop Algerian investments in the continent, which has huge potentialities,” explained Bouchouareb during the installation ceremony.
Africa is an overriding objective for Algeria in its efforts for the promotion of non-hydrocarbon exports and the diversification of its economy, said the minister, adding that the “future lies in the African market, where economy has recorded strong growth and growing demand over the past years.”
Bouchouareb underlined that the country has its assets to enter the continent, owing to its infrastructures, especially the project of the Centre’s large port and the widening of the trans-Saharan road.
Through this Forum, Algeria also intends to participate in the continent’s electrification programme, developed by the United Nations and the African Union for 2030.
To that end, energy projects and the National Renewable Energy Programme will be presented during the Algerian-African Forum, to highlight the Algerian potentialities in the field.
“It is a major challenge for us. We are among the countries in best position to invest and participate in the programme (of the continent’s electrification),” explained the minister, citing the example of the national electricity and gas company SONELGAZ and the private group Amimer Energie, which expressed interest in the programme.
Amimer Energie, specialized in power generators and power plants, is present in many African countries. It has signed recently an agreement, worth nearly US$116 million, with Chadian company to build a hybrid-solar power plan with a production capacity of 30 megawatt per year, as well as another agreement, worth US$5 million, with the same Chadian company, on electricity grid interconnection and development in five Chadian towns.
Present at the preparatory meeting, the head of FCE, Ali Haddad said that Algeria’s export potentialities will be highlighted during the Forum, especially in the agricultural, food-processing and pharmaceutical fields.
The meeting will be also an opportunity to underline Algeria’s attractiveness as a major destination for investments, he added.
He also emphasized the urgent need to open direct air routes between Algiers and different African capitals.

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