Agro-aquaculture: Sustainable development project in MENA region underway

OUARGLA (Algeria)- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is working on a sustainable development project relating to agro-aquaculture adapted to the specific features of North African and Middle Eastern (MENA) countries,
FAO’s officials said Tuesday in the Algerian southern town of Ouargla.
The FAO expert in fishing and aquaculture development Valerio Crespi, on a visit to Ouargla (800-km south of Algiers), said the project is based on the rational use of non-conventional water to develop aquaculture integrated into agriculture.
Targeting three pilot countries, namely Algeria, Egypt and the Sultanat of Oman, the project is meant to promote aquaculture’s integration to the agricultural systems.
It will make it possible to diversify revenues of farmers and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, while supporting water resources and the productivity of agricultural irrigation water, he added.
About fifteen producers (specialists in freshwater fish rearing) from the aforementioned countries are part of the visit to learn about the the previous and current experiences in the field, especially artisanal fisheries.
The visit is meant to encourage exchange of expertise, discuss relevant shortages and consider the hindrances hampering the development of the business, said Paula Antone, a member of FAO office.
It is part of the first stage of the project, which will mainly lay on data collecting and systematic follow-up of aquaculture activities.

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