60th anniversary of Algeria-China diplomatic relations: Messahel hails excellent relations

APS : Sunday, 08 July 2018
ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel lauded the excellent relations between Algeria and China, adding that the 60th anniversary of their establishment will be an opportunity to reiterate the two countries’
constant attachment to further consolidating the comprehensive strategic partnership created in 2014.
In an interview with China News Agency (Xinhua) on Saturday ahead of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Algeria and China, Messahel said the anniversary holds “noble and profound meanings reflecting the solidity of links between the two friendly countries and peoples …”.
In this regard, the Algerian top diplomat said that this anniversary represented “an opportunity to reaffirm the two countries’ commitment to the same principles and convergence of their views vis-à-vis the international and regional issues of common interest, as well as their constant attachment to further consolidating the comprehensive strategic partnership established in 2014.”
The Foreign Minister has discussed the bases of the Algerian-Chinese relations, their objectives as well as the achievements of both parties, welcoming the establishment of the strategic partnership which constantly boosted cooperation between the two countries in a many areas.
Messahel also welcomed the accelerated growth that has marked the Algerian-Chinese relations in recent years, as China kept its first place as Algeria’s top trading partners with an annual average that has exceeded USD$8 billion.
China is entrusted with the construction of several infrastructure projects in Algeria, said Messahel, citing deals in the fields of agriculture and fisheries.
He also praised the efforts made in sciences, technologies and Space applications which resulted in the launch of the first Algerian Satellite (ALCOM SAT 1) from China, on last 11 December.
El Hamdania Port (120 km Northwest of Algiers) is another project which will be built by China for a budget of $USD3.3 billion.

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