24th SITEV: “Algeria destination” draws visitors in Moscow


APS : Saturday, 26 March 2016

MOSCOW-The “Algeria destination” has drawn many visitors to the 24th edition of the Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (SITEV) where many tour operators, mainly Russian and Chinese, showed interest in the touristic products showcased there.
“Algeria’s touristic potential has been highlighted in Moscow. We managed to get in touch with several travel agencies. Russian tour operators for example showed interest in seaside and Saharan services,” representative of the National Tourism Office Mourad Medjdoub told APS on the sidelines of this exhibition that wrapped up Saturday, and in which Algeria has partaken for the 4th time.
Extending over an area of 65 m², the Algerian stand was decorated with pictures and videos representing several touristic sites. The Algerian stand caught the interest of a large number of visitors who discovered the pictures of Algerian touristic sites that need further promotion and advertisement.
The visitors also admired the some professional handicrafts products made by calligrapher and ceramic art specialist Said Djaballah, and copperware manufacturer El Bouziri Othmane.
Contacts have been established with Russian craftsmen for a possible partnership in the future.
Chaib Ahmed Chaouki, trade manager at a travel agency in Ouargla expressed his satisfaction about Algeria’s participation in the SITEV. “We managed to catch the interest of our partners from Russia and China in the Algeria destination.”
“Our partners know that Algeria has the largest number of Roman sites after Italy, like the Roman Ruins in Tipasa, Djemila (Setif) and Timgad (Batna). We will keep in touch with them to implement this partnership”, Chaouki said.
Moussa Bouteggui, general manager of a travel agency in Tamanrasset also expressed his optimism for fruitful partnerships.
Algeria’s participation in the 24th SITEV “is part of the tourism development strategy and the tourism development plan 2030 that stresses the need to prospect promising tour markets to promote Algeria destination.”

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