14th session of UNCTAD: Belaïb outlines Algeria's development programme

APS : Tuesday, 19 July 2016
ALGIERS –Minister of Commerce Bakhti Belaïb outlined Tuesday in Nairobi the main lines of Algeria development programme, stressing that the programme is designed to create diversified economy free from dependency on hydrocarbons, said a ministry communiqué.
Speaking during the 14th session of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) held in Kenya’s Nairobi, Belaïb said that “during the past 15 years, Algeria has devoted much of its resources to provide infrastructural fabric to set the conditions for sustainable development through a diversified economy outside hydrocarbons,” the statement said.
“Algeria’s continuous efforts aim at endowing the country with an economy up to its potential in the different areas,” said the minister.
He reaffirmed that Algeria “gives great importance the human resources, notably youth through a genuine solidarity between the active forces of the Nation and the most vulnerable categories.
Belaïb also reported that Algeria, aware of the close relation between development and democracy, “had supported political openness by economic reforms, laws and regulations.”
These reforms have been consolidated by the amendment of the Constitution this year which intended mainly to “strengthen democracy and improve governance in Algeria,” the same source added.
Moreover, the Minister said that trade represents “one of the means to achieve development in Algeria.”

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