Washington Times: Algeria will emerge stronger from crisis thanks to President Tebboune’s “courageous” reforms


WASHINGTON- The “courageous” economic and constitutional reforms initiated by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune should help Algeria weather the economic crisis and emerge stronger than ever, said a new American analysis published by Washington Times.

” It seems, though, that President Tebboune is committed to a course that may make Algeria a modern example of how to both weather a crisis and come out of it stronger than when it began,” writes David Keene, the author of the analysis.

For Washington Times, President Tebboune, however, “turns out to be a tough, capable leader who, unlike many others, realizes that it’s dangerous to pile up debt that will have to be paid off by generations yet unborn.”
He and his country are proudly independent and have always resisted borrowing money to live beyond their means, added the analysis.

In this regard, he slashed the government budget by half to avoid mortgaging the nation’s future to other nations, he said.

David Keene, the author of the article, wonders about how many other national leaders will have the courage to take the short-term heat President Tebboune will face to guarantee that his country will not end up unable to pay its debts when the pandemic ends.

But few leaders, fearful of pressure from special interests, are willing to risk budget cuts when reality says they are needed, added David Keene.

Abdelmadjid Tebboune was elected with 54% of the vote in what observers agreed was a free and fair election that included at least one of the government’s most vocal critics, he recalled.

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