Tribute to Algerian writer Mouloud Feraoun on Friday in Montpellier

APS : Wednesday, 23 March 2016
MONTPELLIER (France)- Algerian writer Mouloud Feraoun, assassinated March 15, 1962 by the OAS (Organization of the Secret Army), will be paid tribute on Friday at Montpellier (south of France)
by the association “Regards on Algerian cinema,” said the organizers.
During the event, the documentary film “Mouloud Feraoun” (2009) by director Ali Mouzaoui on the career and the work of Mouloud Feraoun will be projected.
The documentary revisits the life of the writer assassinated by the terrorist organization, through the recreation of facts, iconographic documents, testimonies and film archives.
The organizers also plan a discussion on “Mouloud Feraoun, a humanist facing violence” which will be hosted by academic, expert in the works of Mouloud Feraoun and Albert Camus, Christiane Chaulet-Achour, former teacher at the University of Algiers.
This tribute event will be marked by readings from “Journal 1955-1962” presented by actress Eloise Allibi, the organizers said.
Mouloud Feraoun, born on 8 March 1913 left a rich literary heritage composed of “Le fils du pauvre” (the son of the poor) (1950), “La terre et le sang” (Land and Blood) (1953), “Jours de Kabylie” (Days of Kabylia) (1954), “Les chemins qui montent” (The paths that go up) (1957) or “Poems of Si Mohand” (1960) in addition to several works on school and education.

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